Håfors is the place from wich things emerge, like Global New Paradigm Coaching and the books Johanna and her mother Inger has written. 

At Galleri Håfors you are invited to a variety of activities. All focused on supporting you becoming aware and empowered in your life. Art, leadership, emotional awareness, health and financial freedom is and has been the focus areas since the start in 2004. As well as the use of the nature around the farm to support focus and introspection.

Our family motto is to Enjoy Life! That infuses all  work done in the gallery/studio and online in courses and coaching. We balance Work, Play and Rest, integrate selfcare with money focus and support others to do the same. Welcome to join us!



Book your  time in a studio full of material to get you started straight away. Workshops to supprot creativity and courage to innovate is also availiable. The farm has vast priestine land with several lakes. Walks and meditation outdoors is a good way to start, pausing from every day life and from there enter the studio to through artwork develope intuition, creativity and having fun doing so.

COURSES and OTHER ACTIVITES - 2019´s theme was COLOUR YOUR WORKLIFE CANVAS. 2018 theme was Un-Believable Entrepreneurs. You can find the interviews done on Galleri Håfors Facebook page and Johannas Youtube account. Previous artproject -  like 2016´s  "Time is money" to "Time is art" - set the tone for the courses etc that year.

Summertime you can join Johanna in the studio as a co-createor or as a visitor. We use painting, sculpting and writing as tools to co-create the topic of the day. Material from the landscape is used if the weather allows us to work outside. At the end of the day we go though what we created together, having a cup of tea or coffee on the house.

To join the work you only need to bring your curiousity to the table, maybe som courage as well. Basic painting and sculpting material is supplied for a small fee. If you would like to try tempera as a technique you can book a privat course with Johanna who has more than 20 years of experience with the material famous for its speciale brilliance.


Take a couple of weeks with a clear intention to co-create a LandArt Project or an exhibition in the gallery. You can use the material from this unique place on earth, the forest, the driftwood from the river Örekilsälven and more with the help of the skilled lumberjack Stefan. Artist and coach Johanna Wallin is also on site to support creativity through Emotional Fitness training. Together the people, the caracter of the nature in the valley of Örekilsälven and the mountain Kynnefjäll  behind the farm, Håfors is a place for you to develop your creative skills as well as relax and enjoy yourself.



Are you interested in developing a more conscious leadership and business? Do you feel the energy is drained and you need a break to get your inspiration and fun back in to your life? The tools Johanna uses are all directed towards transforming unsustainable ways of being to something more energiesed and prosperous. Johannas courage, deep acceptance, humour and respect supports you to do the shifts and enjoy the process at the same time. Both the venue and Johannas personality enables you to pause and turn your attention towards feelings, thoughts and assumptions and break through your inner glass cielings. 

FREE Discovery session in English - 30 minutes. Let us schedual a Skype session to clarify purpose and goals for you.

Call +46 702 78 11 79 for more information or mail to jw@gallerihafors.se. Also available via Skype, johanna.wallin11.

SÄTT FÄRG PÅ DITT ARBETSLIV or Colour your worklife canvas

A book project that is released in Swedish September 2019.

Translation starting this later this year, launch for English version tba. 

NEW PARADIGM COACHING´s vision is to contribute to emotional and cultural awareness in business. Executing a leadership from inside out, using intuition and a deep connection to yourself, Life and others. And to evolve the way we do business in alignment with trusting there is enough to go around!

BIO - JOHANNA WALLIN founder of Galleri Håfors and New Paradigm Coaching

Johanna Wallin is a motivational speaker, transformational coach and facilitator focused on creating conditions for thriving. Her mission is to empower you and your organization by moving the culture to one based on a sense of abundance and at the same time co-creating structures to support that shift. A NEW PARADIGM BUSINESS AND LEADERSHIP.

She has a background as an engineer and artist and founded Galleri Håfors as a place for practicing decision making exploring a new paradigm way of thinking and feeling in her own life.  With an artist’s innovative mindset she has found out what enables a new paradigm to evolve into being, how it´s starts with raising your self-value and ceating balance between work, play and rest in your life.

Together with her husband Stefan, who is a day trader, she has with the same exploration discovered this awareness and structures direct link to sustainable financial success and flexible business organsiation as they have for more than 20 years created an abundant life on all levels.

Johanna as a leader is personifying the trusting, openness and flexibility needed in future leaders. As a coach she is an inspiration with her sharp perception, fierce compassion and ability to stand behind her clients as they take courageous steps towards something never done before. Courage to be vulnerable and enjoying the unknown is two of her unique trademarks and something she continues to develop.

She has both studied and worked within social entrepreneurial business models as board member in different regional developing organizations. For instance with EU funding, focusing on creating financial opportunities for innovative projects in rural areas, this resulted in many fruitful new connections made between NGO:s , businesses and official authorities never cooperated together before.

Claire Zammit and her Feminine Power, Gunter Pauli with his Bleu Economy as well as Dr Ruja Ignatova and Onecoin are entrepreneurs with organizations that have attracted her interest due to their cutting edge business models being both inclusive and organically built as well as innovative and very successful in there global ventures. 

Her current position is as Feminine Power Coach and Facilitator, an exploring and coaching team leader within ONELIFE cryptocurrency, the most successful Fintech Company in the World 2016. As a Feminine Power coach and facilitator she is practicing the 3 keys - a deep relation ship to yourself, Life and others - with the intention to develop your life to include more of what you most dream of creating, experiencing, expressing and contributing to others. To realise your destiny and change the world through that. Johanna is working together with clients and teams to find actions and frameworks that enables leaders to grow as individuals as well as professionally. With her allowing and flexible leadership Johanna both build strong relationships as well as make people feel accepted and appreciated for the unique contribution they provide.

With that Johanna is feminine power leadership personified. She is handeling the unknown with flexibility and grace. Her unique perspective comes from a deep maternal source of trust in nurturance being there for all, that we are enough and there is enough to go around. At the same time as she naturally expresses this power of trust sourced from within in, her gentle and humble leadership is used for the benefit of global evolution. She inspires you to feel equally trusting makeing life more relaxed, as well as meaningful and joyous for all.